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Books and Movies on Special Issues

  • Has A Child Been Molested? (Book) By Patrick Clancy and Dr. Lee Coleman :has_a_child_been_molested HAS A CHILD BEEN MOLESTED? The Disturbing Facts About Current Methods of Investigating Child Sexual Abuse Accusations Lee Coleman, M.C. Patrick Clancy, J.D. HAS A CHILD BEEN MOLESTED? By Lee Coleman, MD, and Patrick E. Clancy, JD Copyright 1999 by Lee Coleman, MD, and Patrick E. Clancy, JD Published by Berkeley Creek Productions 1600 S. Mai

    Making Memories :video Berkeley Creek Productions Presents Making Memories The Recovered Memory Movement The story of a woman subjected to dangerous therapy practices and why it happened It is called Recovery Memory Therapy and begins when patients, usually women, seek help from psychotherapists for any number of emotional problems. Gradually they are lead to believe that the cause of their trouble is sexual abuse. Abuse, so traumatic

    A System Out of Balance: Child Sexual Abuse Industry :Video A SYSTEM OUT OF BALANCE In 1692, twenty-two people were burned at the stake or hung for witchcraft in Salem, Massachusetts. The hysteria did not stop until the Governor's wife was finally accused. In response to these events, the Reverend Increase Mather, President of Harvard College and the Massachusetts Bay Colony's Ambassador to England, said "It is better that ten suspected witches should escape than o