Counter Child Sexual Abuse Accommodation Syndrome Expert

Case Study

Counter Child Sexual Abuse Accommodation Syndrome Expert

In the 1980s, Dr. Roland Summit wrote an article entitled “Child Sexual Abuse Accommodation Syndrome.” It was not a research article. Rather, he referred to it as a “clinical observation.  Nevertheless, the California Supreme Court ruled it admissible notwithstanding its frank acknowledgement that the article did not pass either the Kelley Test (under California Law) or the Daubert Test (under Federal law) for scientific reliability. The article has thus remained admissible to this day. This is covered in more detail in the video A System Out of Balance”. 

Scientist refer to this as Junk Science. The five factors that Dr. Summit wrote about are relevant in false allegation cases. However, Dr. Summit did not write about false allegations. He did however admit in a follow up article that Child Sexual Abuse Accommodation Syndrome was not, in fact, a true syndrome.   

If it is not rebutted, Child Sexual Abuse Accommodation Syndrome can destroy an accused.  The video on this website, “Syndrome Evidence and Junk Science (Countering CSAAS) (link), shows how to rebut this Junk Science.   

Over the decades the Innocence Legal Team has used numerous experts to show that the same factors that Dr. Summit wrote about are present in false allegation cases.  The Innocence Legal Team expose this article as advocacy rather than science.  The top suggestibility and memory experts in the country have written criticizing its use, but prosecutors continue to use it.  Why?  Because of the tendency of juries to Believe the Child no matter what the actual evidence.  COUNTER JUNK SCIENCE