Psychiatric Pharmacologist

Case Study

Out client was charged with child abuse. The alleged conduct was bizarre and inconsistent with the client’s character.  

We had our inhouse Science Adviser look through the standard laboratory reports that had been run by law enforcement within hours of the alleged incident. Our Science Adviser identified two major blood lab anomalies which suggested our client had a severe infection. However, he did not in fact have a severe infection, or any infection.  We delved deep into the cause of these two anomalies.  

We then conducted a thorough investigation with the help of our expert to analyze the link between our client’s alleged behavior and the clients medical data. We issued various subpoenas and were able to obtain critical video and medical evidence from the scenes of the alleged crime. This ultimately led to our client’s exoneration. We achieved this with the help of a nationally acclaimed Pharmacological expert who was able to sift through the extensive evidence and reveal that certain physician prescribed medications had caused our client to suffer an adverse reaction which had created the two blood lab anomalies.   

This was a total defense to his behavior and the charges were dropped within days after we presented the evidence to the prosecution.  Our Science Advisor put us on the right path.  SCIENCE SET OUR CLIENT FREE.