Suggestibility Experts

Case Study

Scientists have been studying suggestibility for over a hundred years.  Suggestibility is a real problem in the area of false allegations of sexual abuse as it can actually alter a witness’s memory.  The first recorded study was in a murder case.  A Belgium teacher asked his class of students to describe the man that had just walked across the school grounds. He got all sorts of descriptions.  However, there was in fact NO MAN THAT WALKED ACROSS THE SCHOOL GROUNDS!   

Since then, there have been many hundreds, if not thousands, of studies about suggestibility.  Advocate Experts argue that memory/suggestibility works differently when the person is facing something such as sexual abuse. Some so called Experts claim that children are not susceptible to suggestibility on sexual abuse allegation.  They claim that suggestibility cannot be involved in sexual abuse cases continually  

Bonafide scientists in the field keep devising studies to examine and debunk these claims.  The results are always the same.  Memory is memory.  Suggestibility can affect one’s memory no matter what the subject matter is.  

The Innocence Legal Team has a collection of many of these research papers.  Some of them are discussed in the Book available on this site, Has A Child Been Molested?”.