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He has TRIED and WON over one hundred felony jury
trials on behalf of the accused

Not Guilty Verdict on all 16 counts of Child Molest Charges, each carries a sentence of 15 or 25 years to Life In 2013, I was falsely accused...

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Patrick Clancy saved my life and my career. I am a teacher and Patrick Clancy successfully defended me against allegations by eight of my elementary...

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Youth Soccer Coach Found Not Guilty of Child Molestation.  At 26 years old I had been a youth soccer coach for over 8 years and had trained over...

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I don't think another attorney would have been able to expose the truth like Mr. Clancy did. I was a 20 year well respected police officer…

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He Never gave up and gave us Hope. I was charged with two felonies counts Federal Court based upon this one photograph…I [had] installed...

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I am a Medical Doctor. Patrick Clancy successfully defended me against an allegation of sexual battery by a patient. I knew I needed an attorney...

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A Lawyer who will Fight.  My child's chronic illness and consequent missed school dates led to a declaration of truancy, and my arrest for Contributing...

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His Focus meant my freedom. When my teenage daughters wanted boyfriends more than a Dad, and my ex-wife wanted custody at any cost...

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I Was scared and worried for my life, until the day I Met Patrick Clancy.  I was accused of a lewd and lascivious act on a minor. The thought alone was...

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My case was as highly prejudice as you can get. My family are practicing naturist (nudist). I moved from California to Texas. I was then arrested...

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When my teenage daughters wanted boyfriends more than a Dad, and my ex-wife wanted custody at any cost, the false accusations flew wild...

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Un mexicano indocumentado con una condena previa por abuso de menores. ¡Mi vida había terminado! Recientemente, una sobrina joven me acusó ...

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I was arrested and had a bail of $1,850,000. My girlfriend found, hired, and paid Patrick Clancy a $25,000 retainer to represent me because her research said...

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“I Was scared and worried for my life, until the day I Met Patrick Clancy. I was accused of a lewd and lascivious act on a minor…Thanks to Patrick Clancy...

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“Case dismissed without trial. Mr. Clancy…studied my case which was voluminous…He then carefully selected items to show to the DA …

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“Patrick Clancy saved my life. Two girls falsely accused me of inappropriately touching them while I put them to bed when they were little…

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You Have So Much More at Stake Than Your Freedom

Founders We Have Defended

Founder of Advertising Software Company
Founder of Bio-Medical Software Company
Founder of Tech Software Company
Founder Audiophile Equipment Manufacturer
Founder Cyber Security Firm
Founder of Attorney Referral Website
Founder of an Online Pet Supply Store
Founder of Laser Equipment Manufacturer

Besides Their Freedom, Founders Have at Risk

Loss of Investors Loss of IPO Opportunities
Loss of Reputation
Loss of Future Startups

Executives We Have Defended

CEO Sound equipment manufacturer
CEO of Silicon Valley Software Company (200 Employees)
CEO SF Medical Software Company
CEO of Tech Hardware Manufacturer
CEO of Employment Referral Company
VP of top 5-computer manufacturing company

Besides Their Freedom, Executives Have at Risk

Loss of Career
Loss of Reputation
Loss of Future Job Opportunities

Medical Providers We Have Defended

Chief of Surgery Major Interstate Hospital System
Head Hospital Administrator
Massage therapist

Besides Their Freedom, Medical Providers Have at Risk

Loss of Professional License
Loss of Reputation
Loss of Future Job Opportunities

Business Owners We Have Defended

Housing Contractors
Commercial building owner
Insurance Brokers
Martial arts studio owner
Furniture store owner
Restaurant owners
Beverly Hills Restaurant owner
Day Care Providers

Besides Their Freedom, Business Owners Have at Risk

Loss of Customers
Loss of Reputation

High-Tech Personnel

Project Engineers
Software Programmers
Networking Engineers
Security Engineers

Besides Their Freedom, High Tech Personnel Have at Risk

Loss of Career
Loss of Future Job Opportunities

Military Personnel We Have Defended

Air Force Officers
Navy Officers
Military Hitech Contractor
“Top Gun” Graduate Navigator
Nuclear Weapons Security Department Head
USAF Doctor

Besides Their Freedom, Military Personnel Have at Risk

Loss of Rank
Dis-Honorable Discharge

Public Servants We Have Defended

Police Watch Commander
Patrol Officers
Mayor of Southern California City
Court translator
Fire fighter
Police Officers

Besides Their Freedom, Public Servants Have at Risk

Loss of Career
Loss of Job Opportunities
Loss of Reputation
Loss of Future Elections

Academics We Have Defended

Stanford University Director of …
College professors
High School Teachers
HS Gym Teacher
HS Science Teacher
Middle School Teachers
Elementary School Teachers

Besides Their Freedom, Academics Have at Risk

Loss of Career
Loss of Teaching Certificate
Loss of Future Job Opportunities

Professionals We Have Defended

Partner of Major SF Law Firm
Federal Lawyers
State Lawyers
Private detectives
Airliner Maintenance
Nuclear Engineer with Highest Government Security Clearance

Besides Their Freedom, Professionals Have at Risk

Loss of Professional License
Loss of Career
Loss of Reputation

Department Heads We Have Defended

Auto Sales Department Head International Car Company
General Manager of Interior/Exterior Landscaping Company

Besides Their Freedom, Department Heads Have at Risk

Loss of Career
Loss of Future Job Opportunities

People of Interest We Have Defended

National Brewing Company Heir
Wealthy philanthropist
Member of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

Besides Their Freedom, People of Interest Have at Risk

Loss of Status in Their Community






How We Win

Preparation, Preparation, Preparation…

Equalizing the imbalance of power with our team approach

Developing the right strategy

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Criminal Charges Can, and Often Do,
Lead to a “Three Ring Circus” of Litigation

A single criminal allegation causes you to be criminally charged.

A Single Felony Charge Can Lead to Other Litigation Against You.


Professional License Administrative Hearings

Without the Right Strategy You Cannot Win.


Family Law Court

A felony charge will often cause a spouse to turn against the accused.


Juvenile Dependency Court

If a charged offense poses a threat to a minor, Children’s Services can initiate proceedings to remove minor children from the care of the accused.


Civil Court

Alleged victims can also institute civil proceedings against the accused for the recovery of financial losses, pain and suffering and even punitive damages.


Multi-Disciplinary Team


Mistakes today have consequences in the future

Prior Attorneys

Too many times prior attorneys have used the wrong strategy and tactics.

Corrective Action

Stop. There is still time to take corrective action. The Legal Team Can Often Turn a Losing Strategy into a winning Strategy.


What is your exposure


Penal Code : PC187(a)


Penal Code : PC192(a)


Does hiring a local attorney give you an advantage with your case?

Judge & Prosecutor Connection

Claimed connections by local attorneys with prosecutors and judges won’t help and may even hurt your chances.

Local Politics

Local counsel’s claims of knowledge of local politics won’t help you.

Expertise & Skill

Counsel’s skill, experience and expertise are all that matter.

When do I call an attorney?

Your Team will work to derail criminal charges ever being filed against you.

Your Team will work to prevent loss of evidence in your favor such as a witness turning against you

Your Team will Intervene to prevent unfair interrogations and other psychological pressure on you.

Your Team will educate you regarding pretext phone calls and other police tactics which can devastate your defense.

We Handle Felony Cases Throughout the State of California

Innocence Legal Team’s Goal is to schedule a SAME DAY TELECONFERENCE APPOINTMENT. We accept requests for meetings after hours and on weekends.

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