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How We Win

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The presumption of innocence is dead.


Hello, I’m Patrick Clancy, Innocence Legal Team Founder and Chief Strategist.


Believe the Woman. Believe the child. Me Too. After generations of “Believe the Victim” movements, society’s ability to critically evaluate sex crimes [felony charges] has been eviscerated.


Political correctness has replaced real investigation which are now limited exclusively to finding evidence of guilt instead of uncovering the truth.


Prosecutors and even judges and jurors presume you’re guilty notwithstanding your constitutional right to the presumption of innocence.


This has led to decades of new laws which have slowly but surely eroded the rights of the accused and made convictions easier to obtain.


Prosecutors have practically unlimited resources at their disposal to attack you.


They have a virtual army of attorneys, paralegals, experts, the police, and DA investigators. The system itself is biased often rendering the presumption of innocence little more than a legal fiction.


An individual facing a sex crime [Felony] charge may also face challenges in other legal arenas. Family law, professional licensing, civil action by alleged victims, child custody, and restraining orders.


The emotional and financial strain can be overwhelming, and prosecutors can be quick to take advantage.


All of this has led to an imbalance of power between the prosecution and defense with the prosecution seeming to hold all the cards.


I founded the innocence legal team to equalize this unfair imbalance.


The Innocence Legal Team has long experience in dealing with the “Believe the Victim Movements.”


We know how they were formed, the leaders, the junk science supporting them, and the books and articles that became their bibles through which they spread their propaganda. We know how to destroy these bogus politically correct theories.


The Innocence Legal Team can help you and your family get through this challenge successfully.


Please click on the below “The Solution” video to see how we do it.



The Innocence Legal Team wins sex crimes cases when others can’t.


How? Teamwork, preparation and, skill.


I have gathered the most talented attorneys, paralegals, experts, and investigators in the state. They are smart, tenacious, and dedicated to winning. They are your army, every bit and even more capable than any DA or prosecutor’s office.


That’s why the Innocence Legal Team is your best chance of prevailing in your sex crime case.




While we can’t have ten team members sitting at the counsel table at trial with you, with our cutting-edge technology, the entire Innocence Legal Team is there virtually to assist your experienced trial attorney the moment the need arises.


Whether with urgent legal research, background information on a juror or any other trial need.




The Innocence Legal Team has decades of experience studying and countering the “Believe the Victim” movements.


We know their leaders, their so-called bibles, and we know how to expose their junk science with real science, debunk their lies, and expose them as advocates rather than serious investigators. Truth and knowledge beat political correctness every time.




The Innocence Legal Team can call on legal experts in all the areas of law that you may be facing whether family, juvenile, civil or professional licensing hearings. This is how we prevent procedures in those forums from hurting you in your criminal case and vice versa.




The fact is, most sex crime cases are won long before trial. The real key to our success in defending individuals charged with sex offenses is preparation, preparation, preparation.


This means: One, we gather all evidence including all witness statements; Two, we investigate the accuser and witnesses including their social media; Three, we meticulously analyze and summarize all of it;


Four, we perform extensive legal research to find and exploit any flaws in the prosecution’s case, and Five, we put it all together to form the best possible legal strategy to maximize your chances of a favorable outcome.


This is what we call the Innocence Legal Team “System.”


Let us help. Please Contact the Innocence Legal Team by calling the number on our website, ILT.LAW.


Find out why it is so important to protect your reputation and livelihood as part of any sex crime [felony] case. Please watch the “Why We Protect Your Career” video below.


Thank you.


It took the tragic suicide of a client to fully understand the need to protect not only your freedom but also your reputation and career.


Hello, I’m Patrick Clancy, Innocence Legal Team founder, and chief strategist.


For the first two decades of my career, I defined winning as getting a dismissal or a not guilty verdict for my clients.


I then represented a stockbroker in Sanoma County. The same county where Richard Allen Davis molested and murdered Polly Klass. This led to national media coverage and the enactment of the California three strikes law.


After that, no Sanoma County defendant accused of child molestation prevailed for more than three years.


I was the first attorney to win a Sonoma County child molestation case after the Richard Allen Davis case.


That night my client, a few close friends, and I celebrated the not-guilty verdict with champagne.


Two months later I got a call that my client had committed suicide. It hit me hard because we had become close spending so much time together.


I talked to his family members to try to understand.


I learned that his reputation had been destroyed. His former clients had turned their back on him. He had also lost his career and his reputation.


People treated him as though he had been found guilty even though he had been acquitted.


I then called other clients that had won not-guilty verdicts, to see what had happened to them after the celebration of winning and if they had gone on with their lives.


It was disturbing to hear how many of them were suffering from depression and even post-traumatic stress disorder.


I then realized there is more to winning than a not-guilty verdict.


I realized that it’s also necessary to protect a person’s career and reputation. That is why I created the Innocence Legal Team. Our mission is to Defend your liberty, your career, and your reputation.


Because, if charged with a felony, you have so much more at stake than just your freedom.


The loss of your livelihood can be as devastating as a prison sentence.


If you are a founder, entrepreneur, executive, business owner, doctor, high-tech personnel, Teacher, or other academic, military personnel, or professional, you have so much more at stake if charged with a sex crime.


You can lose your professional license, your business, your investors, and even opportunities such as for an IPO.


The Innocence Legal Team understands this. We have decades of experience not just defending your freedom, but also your livelihood, your reputation…your innocence.


The Innocence Legal Team can handle defending your professional license. In appropriate cases we recommend, and work in conjunction with, the best law firms specializing in protecting your specific type of professional license.


If you’re a successful person facing a sex crime charge, you need more than just a lawyer. You need a team. The Innocence Legal Team.