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Defending Against Child Molestation Allegations

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For the first two decades of my career, I defined winning by getting a dismissal or a not guilty verdict for my clients.


I then represented a stockbroker in Sanoma County. The same county where Richard Allen Davis molested and murdered Polly Klass. This led to national media coverage and the enactment of the first three strikes law.


After that, no Sanoma County defendant accused of child molestation prevailed for more than three years.


I was the first attorney to win a Sonoma County child molestation case after the Richard Allen Davis case. That night my client, a few close friends, and I celebrated the not guilty verdict with champagne.


Two months later I got a call that my client had committed suicide. It hit me hard because we had become close spending so much time together.


I talked to his family members to try to understand.


I learned that his reputation had been destroyed. His former clients had turned their back on him. He had also lost his career and his reputation. People treated him as though he had been found guilty even though he had been acquitted.


That day I realized there is more to winning than a not guilty verdict.


I realized that it’s also necessary to protect a person’s career and reputation. That is why I created the Innocence Legal Team. Our mission is to Defend your liberty, your career, and your reputation. Because, if charged with a felony, you have so much more at stake than just your freedom.


If you are a founder, entrepreneur, executive, business owner, doctor, high tech personnel, Teacher or other academic, military personnel, or professional, you have so much more at stake. You can lose your professional license, your business, your investors and even opportunities such as for an IPO.


The Innocence Legal Team understands this. We have decades of experience not just defending your freedom, but also your livelihood, your reputation…your innocence.


If you’re a successful person facing a felony charge, you need more than just a lawyer. You need a team. The Innocence Legal Team.


You have been caught up in the “Child Protection System.”


This system is built to get convictions. It is part of the criminal justice system. However, there is very little justice in it. The Child Protection System is only concerned with getting convictions. In fact, obsessively so. Why?


Understanding this system is the key to your survival, as it can, and will, otherwise destroy your life.


If you are watching this video, it is likely that your feeling attacked from all directions: Police, the district attorney, so called experts, investigators and even the general public have already concluded you’re guilty.


I have been involved in this area of law since 1975, but the story began in the 1960s. In the 60’s there was a huge social upheaval with the Civil Rights Movement and the Woman’s Movement.


Out of the woman’s movement was born the Child Protection Movement which was created with “the Best of Intentions.” Afterall, who wouldn’t want to protect children?


Senator Walter Mondale, later Vice President Mondale, wrote and won passage of the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act of 1974, also known as, the Mondale Act.


The legislation had bi-partisan support as there was a broad perception that children were not being adequately protected by the authorities. No one imaged the adverse effect this legislation would have on our society.


The Act provided hundreds of millions of dollars for the prosecution of child abuse and especially child sexual abuse.


To obtain these funds, States must comply with Federal regulations on how to accomplish this ambitious task.


This explains why you are being prosecuted by a special team of prosecutors in the District Attorney’s Office, funded by the Mondale Act.


These prosecutors have the upper hand because they have practically unlimited funds to use against you. On the other hand, the Mondale Act did not provide one penny for the defense of those falsely accused of child molestation. Indeed, false allegations were not considered or even mentioned.


The problem’s I am going to discuss here are the same across the country because all States and counties must follow the same laws and regulations to obtain that Federal Funding.


After the passage of the Mondale Act, there was a flurry of activity across many sectors of our society.


In the field of mental health, Dr. David Corwin, a psychiatrist, came up with the “Child Sexual Abuse Syndrome.”


Dr. Corwin claimed that a child could be diagnosed as having been sexually molested by observing a syndrome of behaviors.


The problem was that the syndrome fit every child in the world whether they had been molested or not.


It was rejected by the scientific community and ruled inadmissible by the courts. It soon disappeared into the trash bin of junk science.


In 1983 Dr. Roland Summit wrote the Child Sexual Abuse Accommodation Syndrome, also known as CSAAS. It has never been recognized by the American Psychological Association nor the American Psychiatric Association.


Even Dr. Summit wrote a follow up article admitting that the syndrome was not a true “syndrome” but, rather, was created to “dispel myths” about how children, who had been molested, behaved differently than people might suppose.


Notwithstanding the recognition that this syndrome did not pass scientific standards, the California Supreme Court allowed it to be admitted into evidence in the landmark 1984 case of People v. Bledsoe.


The admission of the Child Sexual Abuse Accommodation Syndrome made obtaining convictions much easier for the prosecution because, every piece of evidence a defendant could use in his or her favor, could be rebutted by the syndrome as a myth.


Indeed, a careful study of the syndrome reveals that it has a “myth” to explain how every child behavior is consistent with the child having been molested. No matter what the defense presents, the syndrome always explains that the evidence is somehow consistent with having been molested.


Indeed, the Child Sexual Abuse Accommodation Syndrome starts with the assumption that all the children that they were studying were, in fact, molested.


If a child is consistent in telling of the story, that is consistent with having been sexually molested.


If the child changes his or her story, that too is consistent with having been molested because the trauma of abuse has made recall difficult.


If the child retracts their story and says it was a false allegation, that is consistent with having been molested, because the child sees that his or her family is being hurt.


If the child appears sexualized, that is consistent with having been molested. If the child does not appear sexualized, that also is consistent with having been molested.


If the child is in fear of and withdraws from the accused, that is consistent with being molested. If the child loves and wants to be with the accused, that is also consistent with having been molested.


If the child reports the molestation immediately, that is consistent with having been molested. If the child delays reporting, even for years, that too is consistent with having been molested.


In the decades the Child Sexual Abuse Accommodation Syndrome has been around, I know of no behavior that the syndrome finds to be inconsistent with molestation.


This junk science is used by child advocates and the DA’s that hire them to get convictions.


Dr. Roland Summit never addressed the issue of false allegations. In fact, all of these behaviors are also consistent with a false allegation.


It is important to note, the last paragraph Summit’s paper, The Child Abuse Accommodation Syndrome, states:


“It has become a maxim among child sexual abuse intervention counselors and investigators that children never fabricate the kinds of explicit sexual manipulations they divulge in complaints or interrogations.”
This quote spread like wildfire and became known as “Believe the Child.”


Of course, Mondale money is used to pay for Child Sexual Abuse Accommodation Syndrome testimony.


The psychologist, psychiatrist, nurses, and police that have testified about this junk science have never been held accountable. As a witness cannot be sued by a criminal defendant for offering “opinions.”


The next sector of our society to side with the Child Protection Movement were medical doctors.


Dr. Bruce Woodling was asked by the Ventura County District Attorney to examine a number of girls that were suspected of having been sexually abused.


He used a colposcope, a medical magnifying device which had never before been used to detect sexual abuse.


Dr. Bruce Woodling wrote his findings in a 1981 article entitled, Sexual Misuse: Rape, Molestation and Incest, Pediatric Clinics of North America. His observations included erythema (redness), bands around the urethra, an irregular edge to the hymen, thickening of the hymen, and many other very small anomalies. He claimed these anomalies were proof of sexual penetration.


These supposed “findings” spread across the country and enabled doctors to claim finding evidence of sexual molestation even if it had occurred many years before.


In 1990, Dr. John McCann, a child advocate from Fresno, published in the journal Pediatrics, the first major study on normal vaginas of non-abused children under magnification with the colposcope entitled Genital Findings in Prepubertal Girls Selected for Non-abuse: A Descriptive Study.


And — Surprise !! — He found that all hymens have irregularities edges and variations in thickness.


Like snowflakes, no two are alike. Thus, the idea of a perfectly smooth symmetrical hymen was an old wives tale centered around moral issues of virginity.


Dr. McCann’s study demonstrated that normal non abused children had erythema (redness), bands around the urethra, an irregular edge to the hymen, thickening of the hymen, and many other very small anomalies.


How many men have been sent to prison based on this false testimony is not known. And, as I noted earlier, the doctors and nurses testifying to this misinformation cannot be sued for their opinions. Thus, they too were never held accountable.


I had a case where Dr. McCann was the prosecution’s expert in Mariposa County.


I destroyed his opinion about a white line between the back of the vagina to the anus was proof positive of molestation caused by a healed tear from insertion of a penis.


I impeached Dr. McCaan with his own published research, that a “blanched line” aka a white line extending from the vagina to the anus existed in 25% of female children. This was said to be caused by how the two halves of an embryo grow together in forming a child.


During cross examination in front of the jury, Dr. McCann spontaneously commented that I must have read his research more recently than he had.


In my entire career, neither prosecutors, nor their so-called experts, have ever conceded that any medical examination is inconsistent with a child having been molested.


Of course, Mondale money is used to pay for this misleading medical testimony too.


The next sector of society to join the Child Protection Movement was law enforcement. Police train for years on how to perform investigations that protect the innocent and falsely accused. They are trained to look at evidence of guilt as well as innocence. They are trained to look at all evidence “critically.”


What evidence is reliable? Who has a motive to lie?


With the advent of the child protection movement, child advocate mental health professionals claimed that police did not know how to talk to children, but they did. Check most any current police training manual.


You’ll find that the authors and contributors include child advocate mental health professionals quoting the Child Sexual Abuse Accommodation Syndrome.


In short, the very people that want you to uncritically “believe the child” are now in control of how investigations are conducted. The idea of a critical examination a child’s statement is gone.


Instead, investigators are trained on how to be gentle and supportive of the accuser to better enable “disclosures.” Remember: “It has become a maxim among child sexual abuse intervention counselors and investigators that children never fabricate the kinds of explicit sexual manipulations they divulge in complaints or interrogations.”


I gave a speech to the Nebraska Defense Bar about my observations. When I was done, a woman walked up to me and told me she was with Nebraska Law Enforcement. I prepared to be verbally attacked. Instead, she shook my hand and thanked me.


She had been assigned to investigate a rape case. She looked at all of the witnesses critically, even the accuser.


She uncovered evidence of the motive to falsely accuse, and the case was dropped.


How was she rewarded? She got a letter of reprimand in her personal file stating she was “insensitive to woman’s issues” and was thereafter removed from sex cases.


A Contra Costa Sheriff’s deputy, Clay West, had been in a trial against me.


Rather than reject what my expert said, he learned and incorporated it into his investigations.


Later, Deputy West found that a mother’s child molestation allegation against her ex-husband, made during a nasty divorce, was false.


The Child Protection worker wrote in her report that the Deputy should never be allowed to investigate another child molestation case because he was “insensitive to children’s issues.”


There are many other examples, but, they all have in common that investigators who critically evaluated the statements of the accuser were attacked, ostracized and silenced.


Or, in today’s parlance, their careers and social lives were “canceled.”


The next sector of society to join the Child Protection Movement were District Attorneys. For years District Attorneys did not get involved in advocacy groups because of the duty to remain neutral.


However, the District Attorney of Kern County got elected by joining with child advocacy groups. This led to the Bakersfield Sex Ring cases in which sixty children claimed to be victims of “satanic ritual abuse.” Thirty-six people were convicted. Thirty-four of the convictions were overturned on appeal. The other two individuals died in prison before their cases could be heard.


The Court of Appeal squarely blamed the Kern County District Attorney’s office for the misconduct which led to the reversals.


District Attorneys have immunity from civil lawsuits. Thus, like the false “experts” mentioned earlier, they have never been held accountable.


In Riverside, California, I had a case with a perfect defense. The Judge that heard the case told the Deputy District Attorney to dismiss the case.


He said he was unable to dismiss because his boss, the elected District Attorney, would not let him.


We went to trial and I won easily. The client was a poor Mexican American. I was hired by his three daughters. They were wonderful witnesses.


One was a superintendent of schools and the other two were schoolteachers.


The money they paid was wasted. That trial should never have taken place. Why did it?


The elected District Attorney of Riverside had made a campaign promise to never dismiss a child molestation case.


The elected DA of Riverside never took a critical look at the evidence.


However, he could not be held accountable because, as I have said, he has immunity from civil lawsuits. He had decided he would rather lose a case in trial. That way it would be the jury’s fault and not his.


Of course, the Riverside County District Attorney’s office sex crime unit was funded with Mondale Act money.


The next sector of society that became involved was the Media. For over four decades, the media has been promoting the “believe the child” and the “believe the woman” dogma. The Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court confirmation hearings is a perfect example. It featured extensive fawning coverage of the accuser fueled by the “believe the woman” movement which had, by then, morphed into to “Me Too” movement.


To see the monumental hypocrisy, one need look no further than the opposite treatment Joe Biden’s accusers received from the media.


The “Me Too” movement wants you to uncritically believe all allegations made by all women. If you don’t, you will be “silenced” and “canceled.”


Jurors have been profoundly affected by the one-sided coverage engendered by the child protection movement.


In our trials, we use a jury questionnaire to assess juror prejudice. You would be horrified to read them. Among common responses: “Cut his ball off.” “Hang him.” “Send him to prison to be raped. He deserves it.”


This is all before they have heard one shred of evidence. This is uncritical acceptance of the allegations against the accused.


The most damaging sector of society to join the ranks of the Child Protection Movement is politicians.


They deeply fear losing the next election if they are seen as “soft on child molesters.” They are afraid they may be the next one “Cancelled” if they dare to stand up for what is right. Toe the party line or be destroyed. Because of this, most proposed legislation on the issue of child molestation overwhelming passes.


All of the new legislation and propositions are designed to get convictions. The two organizations that draft most of the legislation and propositions are District Attorney Associations and advocate organizations such as San Francisco Woman against Rape.


There was a bill proposing to make it illegal to spank your child. Five of us went to Sacramento to lobby against it

Two of us were from a layman’s group that existed at the time called, “Victims of Child Abuse Legislation,” or VOCAL.


We were directed to the hearing room which was the size of a high school assembly hall. We found about 300 social workers who were there to lobby. The Senator who was carrying the bill for a special interest group, welcomed us and told us it was the first time he had seen someone from the other side. The bill was defeated. I am certain it was not because of the two of us from VOCAL. Rather, it was because of the other three in our party that were members of a large and influential Christian organization which controlled a substantial voting block.


Here is a summary of the legislation:


The Statute of limitations has been extended four times.


Changed from 6 years to life for most sex offenses.


Hearsay is now allowed at Preliminary Hearings. This allows an investigating officer to testify as to what a child told him about a defendant’s alleged misconduct. We thus lost our right to cross examine the accuser prior to the trial. A huge blow.


Evidence Code § 1108 allows the introduction of “propensity evidence” against the accused in sex cases. This reversed 200 years of California Court precedence. Propensity evidence is evidence that an accused previously committed a similar crime. It does not require the accused to have been found guilty or even charged with the prior offense which might even have been decades ago.


In fact, even if one was found not guilty of the prior acts, it could still be admitted into evidence.


Courts previously excluded propensity evidence precisely because of its tendency to biased juries to the point that a fair trial would become impossible.


It caused juries not look at the facts of the current case, but rather convict based on a prior allegation.


Next, the Legislature has gone overboard on punishment. An accused can get a lighter sentence for a homicide. The public does not realize how severe it is. Sentences of 100-400 years are common.


How? Each act is considered a separate offense. If a child says she was touched on every other weekend visit for two years, that would be 52 visits resulting in 52 separate counts each carrying an 8 year sentence for a total sentence of 416 years.


If she says she was touched on the breast and on the vagina each time that is 52x2x8 or 832 years.


False allegations pay in allowing one party to gain a significant advantage over the other. Lack of accountability encourages more false accusations. This is seen across society such as with political mudslinging.


Masturbation or intercourse with a child under 10 years of age carries 15 to life. Masturbation can be any rubbing over the vaginal area. 2nd degree murder carries 15 to life.


Sexual molestation of two children, PC 288(a), carries 25 to life. 1st Degree murder carries 25 to life.


Force, no matter how small, or duress, no matter how minimal, is mandatory state prison.


Registration used to be confidential. Only the police had access in order to carry out their investigations. Also, the defendant only had to register when he changed residence.


Now, registrants are on the internet and an offender must register every year on his or her birthday. One must register when leaving an area and again upon return. An offender must register their vehicles. And, if one spends weekends with a partner, it is considered a second domicile and you must register there. Failure to register is a felony.


Psychology Today defines “Groupthink” as “a phenomenon that occurs when a group of well-intentioned people makes irrational or non-optimal decisions spurred by the urge to conform or the belief that dissent is impossible.


The problematic or premature consensus that is characteristic of groupthink may be fueled by a particular agenda—or it may be due to group members valuing harmony and coherence above critical thought.”


Psychology Today also notes that “Organizations in which dissent is discouraged or openly punished are similarly likely to engage in groupthink.


Group hysteria and mass hysteria are extreme examples of groupthink.

Three of the most important elements of groupthink are:


  1. An unquestioned belief of danger to the group, real or imagined, especially as promoted by authority figures;
  2. An unquestioned belief in the morality of the group’s cause, again, especially as promoted by authority figures; and
  3. The silencing of dissent from these common beliefs.


Group think creates two groups. Those who share the group’s thinking are the “In Group.” Those that decent are ostracized as the “Out Group.” The Innocence Legal Team is the very epitome of the “Out Group.” And if you are charged or under investigation for a sex crime, so are you.


It is human nature to accept facts and evidence consistent with one’s beliefs and reject facts and evidence which is inconsistent with those beliefs. This is known as conformation bias. Conformation bias keeps the iron clad bonds of group think in place as the group rejects all contrary evidence no matter how compelling or true it is.


This has been going on practically since the dawn of time. Unfortunately, we have not learned from history.

Salem Witch Trials

In 1692, Bright Bishop was accused of being a witch in Salem, Massachusetts. Witches, after all, were an unquestioned threat to the settlement.


Appointed Governor William Phips, an eminent authority figure, convened an official court of Oyer (“to Hear”) and Teminer (“To decide”), or as popularly known, “the Salem Witch trials.”


With no one willing to risk standing up for them, Bright Bishop and 18 other young women were hung as a result of the Salem Witch trials.


These young women were not of Salem high society. But Lady Phips, the governor’s wife, was. When she was accused of being a witch, Governor Phips dissolved the court and created a commission to investigate what had happened.


It ended only after Governor Phips, the ultimate authority figure, put a stop to it.


It is a well-known principle of modern criminal justice that “better ten guilty men go free than one innocent man be convicted.”


The original statement however was, “It were better that Ten Suspected Witches should escape, than that one Innocent Person should be Condemned.”


This is a quote by Massachusetts minister Cotton Mather after his daughter had been accused of witchcraft. He was Salem’s religious leader.


Modern groupthink holds that “it is better that ten innocent men be convicted, than one child molester go free.”


Significantly, Mather had written two books warning about the dangers of witches before the beginning of the witch hunt in Salem.


Of course, after his daughter was accused, he denounced the witch hunt and wrote books criticizing it.


As you will soon see, writing such books is a pattern of the self-righteous hypocrites who champion these false Group Hysteria movements.


They always start by telling you to “Believe.”


Sadly, as Winston Churchill noted: “Those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” And let’s not forget it was Winston Churchill who stood up to his predecessor, Neville Chamberlin, who had declared “peace in our time” with Nazi Germany. The genocide of six million European Jews swiftly followed in the Holocaust, history’s darkest group hysteria.


After all, Adolph Hitler was the ultimate Third Rich authority figure demanding the public “believe” that the Jews were the cause of all their woes as set forth in his infamous book “Mein Kompf.” The Nazi movement also had the telltale groupthink element of suppressing its’ decenters, but in the case of Nazis, that “suppression” often meant death.


Just like Mathers and witchcraft, publications have been key in starting and spreading false and evil mass hysteria movements throughout history.

Satanic Cult Abuse Cases: Bakersfield Sex Ring Case

As I mentioned earlier, the District Attorney of Kern County got elected by joining with child advocacy groups. This led to the Bakersfield Sex Ring cases in which sixty children falsely claimed to be victims of “satanic ritual abuse.”


Few dared to stand up to these false accusations because no one wanted to seen as being on the side of Satanic child molesters. However, I, as an avowed “out group” member, was an advisor to several of the families of the accused.


One of those cases was against John Stoll, a 41-year-old carpenter, received a sentence of 40 years on 17 counts of lewd and lascivious conduct. Ed Sampley, one of the accusers, told a New York Times reporter in 2004, “It never happened.” He claimed he had lied about Stoll. Stoll was in prison for 19 years before his conviction was overturned.  A documentary entitled Witch Hunt, which emphasized Stoll’s case, was released in 2007.


Michelle Remembers was the pop culture book that helped spread this false groupthink belief.


It only stopped after FBI Behavioral Science Department, Special Agent Kenneth Lanning, examined over 10,000 supposed cases of Satanic Ritual Abuse and found none of them to be true.


According to the “FBI Report on Satanic Ritual Abuse” by Kenneth Lanning, which is for sale on Amazon, Satanic ritual abuse was supposed to have been a conspiracy of wealthy people worldwide.


What was actually found was that the therapists who reported these cases all went to seminars on Satanic Ritual Abuse and uncritically accepted what they had been told.

Day Care Sexual Abuse Hysteria Cases

The McMartin Case


In the 1980’s in Manhattan Beach, California, near where I used to live, there was a case that got national attention. There were 7 workers at a daycare center that were charged with molesting over 200 children in what became know as the McMartin Preschool Case.


In the end, there were no guilty verdicts on any of the charges. Police uncritical accepted all accusations as true.


They utterly failed to perform even the most rudimentary critical analysis of the accusations.


Mental Health Professional Key McFarlin performed the interviews. The recordings of these interviews revealed that the children were led by McFarlin to make outrageous statements. There were caves under the day care center… They jumped from planes and were molested while parachuting down, etc.


Key McFarlin was a protégé of Dr. Roland Summit author of the Child Sexual Abuse Accommodation Syndrome who told us: “It has become a maxim among child sexual abuse intervention counselors and investigators that children never fabricate the kinds of explicit sexual manipulations they divulge in complaints or interrogations.” The DA also uncritically accepted all of the allegations filing on most every single one. Then, a newly elected DA performed a review dismissing five of the defendants.


The remaining two, Raymond Buckey and his Grandmother, Peggy, went to trial. They were found not guilty of almost all of the charges, a few were hung and those were later dismissed.


This time, group hysteria had resulted in the largest false allegation case in the United States. The DA’s, mental health experts and police were unquestioned authority figures who had uncritically accepted the false allegations. Child molesters are, of course, an unquestioned menace to society.


And, again, few if any had the courage to stand up against these false allegations.


In support of defendants, I consulted with one of the experts and met several of the accused including Ray Buckey and his sister, Peggy Ann.


People were pressured to believe. The trial took years. The preliminary hearing alone took more than a year.


In the end, the jurors had to be deprogrammed from junk science with accurate science.


This was hardly an isolated case. Others include


  • Country Walk
  • Fells Acres Day Care Center
  • Bernard Baran, The Bronx Five
  • Wee Care Nursery School
  • Glendale Montessori
  • Little Rascals Am
  • Wenatchee


Recovered Memory Cases: Laura Pasley


The 1990’s saw yet another groupthink movement, “Recovered Memory.” Your therapist tells you that the cause of all of your problems is that you were molested as a child and have repressed the memory of it.


Therapy is then provided to enable you to “recover” these memories.


Like its predecessors, the recovered memory theory was uncritically accepted by many professionals and most of the public at large.


As usual, anyone who disagreed was condemned including a brave group of actual memory scientists who opposed it.


Like Mather’s books on witchcraft and Hilter’s “Mein Kompf,” this movement too had its own “Bible” which therapists blindly followed despite its’ complete lack of scientific validity.


The book, “The Courage to Heal,” was written by two women, Ellen Bass and Laura Davis, who had no mental health or memory training whatsoever.


I was in Costco and saw an entire pallet of these books which had sold millions of copies.


“The Courage to Heal” gives a list of symptoms that purport to demonstrate that a person has repressed childhood sexual abuse memories. Just like the supposed physical signs of abuse discussed earlier, the list would include every woman in the country.


There was even an accompanying “workbook” suggesting “exercises” to “recover” these supposed memories.


I unsuccessfully sued the authors, as the court found that they were protected by the 1st Amendment.


Thus, they too were not held accountable, notwithstanding the tremendous harm this trash pop psychology manifesto had done to countless families.


The State of Washington did research and found people got worse with this therapy. After that, all injury claims for this type of therapy were cut off.


Some women that had been erroneously led to believe they were suffering from repressed memories of sexual abuse, finally woke up to the fact that they had been duped by their therapist. They called themselves the “Returnees.” “Laura Pasley” was the first to sue her therapist and win a major settlement.


Other lawsuits followed. Laura Pasley, Dr. Lee Coleman, and I created a documentary film about the recovered memory movement called “Making Memories.” I am proud to say I sued and obtained good settlements for ten injured patients.


Finally, the authorities stopped believing and came out against this nonsense.


They included the American Psychological Association, the American Psychiatric Association and the California MFCC’s association.


Why? Because the practitioners were being driven into bankruptcy by lawsuits.


However, immunity prevents lawsuits against those who report child abuse to the police or CPS. Again, no accountability.


Ralph Underwager


Dr. Ralph Underwager, a prominent American minister and psychologist, did research on why more psychologists and psychiatrists did not stand up to the farce of recovered memories and false abuse allegations.


His research revealed that the mental healthcare professionals involved were afraid that they would lose referrals and the public would shame them for siding with child molesters. The fear of such ostracism, is, of course, an essential element of groupthink, group hysteria and mass hysteria.


Overwhelming Prejudice


Cotton Mather’s on Witchcraft, Hilter’s Mien Kompf, Michelle Remembers, Roland Summit’s Child Sexual Abuse Accommodation Syndrome, Ellen Bass and Laura Davis’s The Courage to Heal.


All led to, encouraged and popularized groupthink movements that ruined and even ended countless lives.


Each demanded blind belief, uncritical acceptance, and the ostracism of decenters.


“Those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” And we have, and continue to do so, to this day.


The child protection movement with its strangling, hypocritical, holier than thou, nonscientific, groupthink mentality has coopted politicians, police and district attorneys along with medical and psychological groups.


This has now made it all but impossible to ferret out false allegations.


After a jury is selected, you have 12 people from the community that claim they are fair and unbiased.


However, the fact is, these are 12 people who have been exposed to so much propaganda that they themselves don’t even recognize how biased they are.


On Career Day in High School, I attended a presentation by an advertising executive.


He asked the class how many were influenced by advertising.


A large majority of the class insisted, “not at all,” that the ads were “boring” and “stupid,” so they ignored them. The executive challenged the students to go home and look in their refrigerators, pantries and laundry rooms.


He correctly told them that what they would find are all of the products they had seen in the ads instead of the lower priced, but just as good, generic counterparts.


Your 12 jurors have been exposed to decades of believe the child and believe the woman, and, its’ latest mutation, “Me Too.” And, if you don’t, you’re a horrible person subject to being “cancelled.”


The Jurors are, by and large, indoctrinated members of the “in group.” You, on the other hand, are a poster child for the “out group.”


What is the solution? I do not have the answer to that question. The movement is funded with hundreds of millions of dollars from the Mondale Act.


The California Legislature made it a law that you cannot sue someone for reporting a child molestation case to the police or CPS. Therefore, there is no way to hold them accountable.


What’s left, suing a child for their lunch money? The legislature declared that it was better to allow false allegations then lawsuits to stop them.


They rationalize that the public is better served by encouraging the reporting of child abuse without fear of lawsuits.


While it is a misdemeanor to make a false allegations, in my over four decades in this field, I have never seen or heard of anyone being charged under this statute, or any other, for making false allegation even when patently willful.


We recognize that those charged with child sexual abuse must face, not one, but two trials.


The first trial is a trial about the facts of the case.


The second trial is a trial to re-educate and deprogram the jurors who may not even be aware of the degree of the prejudice they harbor.


Yet, we are skilled at selecting the best 12 who, although highly prejudiced, are open to learning. That is the best we can hope for.


I founded the Innocence Legal Team to help those falsely accused of sex crimes stand up to these groupthink movements. We look critically at all of the evidence.


We are not afraid of attempts to silence or cancel us. We are not afraid of being politically incorrect. The Innocence Legal Team is the “out group.”


Throughout my career, I have taught attorneys how to overcome these prejudices.


Obviously, we cannot represent all of those who face false accusations. However, we help everyone within our means. That is why we created the Innocence Legal Team Help Center where we share our strategy and work product.


The Innocence Legal Team cannot change the Child Protection Movement because of its funding by a never-ending stream of federal dollars from the Mondale Act and the laws that have been passed to allow the people involved to escape responsibility and accountability.


Nevertheless, it is our goal to save one falsely accused person at a time from this unjust system.