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Benjamin Adams

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Having personally weathered representation by criminal defense attorneys, I have come to appreciate, first-hand, the importance of a team which not only zealously advocates for its clients but which also intimately understands the day-to-day realities of being accused of life-changing allegations. In addition to lending a profoundly empathetic ear to the experiences and concerns of our firm’s clients, I am also committed to using my years of complex negotiation experience to devise creative solutions and search for novel strategies to favorably resolve cases.


Juris Doctor – Pepperdine University School of Law, 2009-2012


  • CALI Awards: Communications Law, Trial Practice
  • Started the first LGBT student organization at Pepperdine Law
  • Certificate: International Comparative Law


Bachelor of Arts, Political Science – Furman University, 2005-2008


  • Wilkins Fellow
  • Alden Scholarship Recipient (Full-Tuition)

Selected Experience

Adams Entertainment Consulting – Founder – June 2016 – July 2022


  • Consultant for multiple law firms and production companies regarding issues subjecting them to potential criminal and civil liability.


MGM Television – Production Attorney – December 2015 – June 2016


  • Worked closely with the executive producers of certain television projects to ensure legal protection for the production entity and the network


Bunim-Murray Productions – Production Attorney – March 2015 – December 2015


  • Supervised all legal affairs aspects of the production of various television and new media projects to ensure compliance and legal protection


The Weinstein Company – Director, Business & Legal Affairs – October 2012 – March 2015


  • Negotiated and drafted agreements relating to the production of film, television, and new media projects
  • Oversaw interns and other departmental personnel


13th Judicial Circuit Solicitor’s Office – Pre-Trial Intervention Programs – May 2005 – May 2008


  • Assisted with the pre-trial intervention counseling and therapy programs designed to give first-time offenders a second chance prior to prosecution for certain crimes

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