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Christina Duran

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Professional Biography

Christina Duran is a bilingual (English/Spanish), dynamic, and compassionate licensed Private Investigator with over 20 years of experience in both legal and investigative fields. Her dedication to high-profile cases, including infidelity, theft, illegal drug trafficking, insurance fraud, and other criminal activities is unsurpassed by her unwavering commitment to aiding youth through human trafficking, missing persons, child abuse, and child custody cases. Since establishing her private investigation company Amatrix Investigations in 2002, she has successfully completed 1K+ heavy criminal investigations in both state and federal courts. She has worked for the public defender’s office and alternative defender’s office. Christina is an exceptional communicator, comfortable liaising with law enforcement, district attorneys, and several crime bureaus and agencies to negotiate and foster positive results. She also has experience conducting investigations for major companies, including Geico, G4S, and ICS Merrill, plus working with Justice Solutions Group as their Chief Compliance Officer.


Christina is dedicated to helping individuals in need in her home country of the Dominican Republic, including Co-Founding a non-profit organization called De Felicidad Foundation where she improves the lives of children and youth by investing in their education and equipping them with resources and mentorship to transform their communities. She is also an ambassador for the Dominican Republic’s Noble Order of Human Excellence – Human Trafficking Search and Locate. Overall, Christina is passionate about social justice, advocacy, and human rights and is honored to be part of the Innocence Legal Team.

Education & Licensures

  • Certified Criminal Defense Investigator | McAfee Institute
  • Certified Professional Criminal Investigator (CPCI) | McAfee Institute
  • Certified Missing & Exploited Children Investigator | McAfee Institute
  • Certified Human Trafficking Investigator | UNESCO
  • Licensed Private Investigator | Bureau of Security and Investigations
  • B.A. in Liberal Arts | University of Santa Barbara
  • Mitigation Specialist | Mitigation University

Additional Experience & Accolades

  • Utilizes her diverse background in criminal and civil law as a Board-Certified Criminal Defense Investigator and Mitigation Specialist.
  • As a Mitigation Specialist, she has worked capital murder cases, resentences, Franklin hearings, and juvenile transfer cases.
  • As a Certified Human Trafficking Investigator, she has worked on search and recovery investigations in the Dominican Republic.
  • Chief Investigator for the Juvenile Defense Panel Riverside County.
  • Defense Investigator for the Public Defender’s office.
  • Adept at building trust with suspected perpetrators to gain intelligence and details for clients and law enforcement officials by using surveillance, and other covert strategies.
  • Recovered millions of dollars in restitution by investigating and analyzing financial documents resulting in false invoicing by insurance companies, doctors, facilities, and transportation operators.
  • Comfortable preparing documentation for the State Attorney General’s office, District Attorney, authorities, and trial lawyers.


  • United Nations Global Program | Global Trafficking Volunteer
  • N.O.H.E. NGO UN Affiliate | Operation Found Safe | California State Operator
  • Futuro Lleno, Community Development Organization | Supervising Board Member
  • De Felicidad Foundation | Co-Founder

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