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Richard Hartman

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I have seen first hand how dehumanizing the criminal legal process can be, and also seen firsthand how zealous representation can both protect the rights and assert the dignity of the accused. I am committed to assisting those who provide such representation in any way needed, and never forget that it’s a person we are representing and not an allegation.


Lincoln Law School of San Jose, 2009-2013


  • Valedictorian
  • Law Review, Editor-in-Chief, Vol. 40
  • AmJur Awards for:  Criminal Law, Contracts, Personal Property, Torts, Business Organizations, Professional Responsibility, Real Property
  • Several Scholarships for academic excellence and student involvement
  • Made the Dean’s list each year of attendance
  • Bar Passage: 2013


Chapman University, 1991-1995


  • Philosophy Major, English Minor

Relevant Experience

Senior Manager, Oracle America Inc, 2014-2019


  • Drafted the company’s positions and legal arguments for internal and external counsel for issues arising in all 50 states, including appeals
  • Wrote and articulated for executive management well reasoned legal analyses that identified crucial issues, relevant facts and rules of law
  • Maintained current knowledge of relevant laws affecting Oracle in all 50 states
  • Managed all relevant internal processes and policies to insure that such reflected an accurate understanding of relevant laws across all relevant U.S. jurisdictions
  • Performed legal analysis for audit defense as such arose in all 50 states and across multiple local jurisdictions in those states.  Organized and prepared vast amounts of documentation for such defense for use by local counsel when needed


Federal Law Clerk 2011-2012


  • Legal research and writing, including drafting proposed decisions, most of which were adopted by the Judge.
  • Training, supervision and work review of other clerks, externs and interns
  • Pre-hearing case preparation and review of all matters calendared before the Court
  • Being available in-court to assist with the smooth flow of proceedings, and do any research immediately needed


Intern, Santa Clara Office of the Public Defender 2009-2010


  • Helped with client interviews, discussion of client’s rights, legal research and preparing cases

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